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We celebrate the world's diversity of cultures; the people, their craft and their environment. 

We go behind the hill, and we partner with local artisans to bring unique, handcrafted accessories to your home. 





About our huichol wall art

The Huichol people live in the Sierra Madre of Mexico and are well known for their intricate designs with yarn painting and beadworks.

Our Huichol pieces are made with half a calabash (a gourd), beeswax and beads!

The calabash is first washed, dried and smoothed. Eventually, hundreds of beads are individually fastened onto it with beeswax, creating traditional Huichol designs that symbolize the relationship between Huichol people and Nature.

This technique requires a lot of precision and experience and turns each piece into a piece of art - limited edition of 10 per design.



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