Sunrise blanket - white & indigo

Sunrise blanket - white & indigo


Origin: Mexico

100% cotton with wool embellishments

150cm x 200cm

This light blanket is the result of minimalist aesthetics combined with the ancestral process of making textiles in Southern Mexico. The unbleached white cotton is handwoven on a large wooden loom and threads of natural indigo dyed wool are added to create texture to the piece.

Care instructions

Machine wash, gentle cycle only, no bleach, hang to dry. No dryer. Or dry clean. 

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Know more about the process

These unique light blankets are handwoven in Southern Mexico by a family of master artisans, using local unbleached cotton and naturally dyed wool. 

It takes one entire day to make the stunning hand-rolled fringes.

Indigo dyes process is ancient, thousands of years old.

It includes to pick the wild plant, chop it — stems and leaves — and to put it in a fermentation bath for at least twelve hours (sometimes as much as thirty-six hours) to prepare the dye.  Each family has its own recipe for making the indigo paste.  Most use rocks to keep the plants submerged below the water to make sure that they oxidize completely and yield the deepest color.

 It takes about 200 kg of plants to produce 1 kg of indigo dye.