Sunrise blanket - white & pale pink

Sunrise blanket - white & pale pink


Origin: Mexico

100% cotton with wool embellishments

150cm x 200cm

This light blanket is the result of minimalist aesthetics combined with the ancestral process of making textiles in Southern Mexico. The unbleached white cotton is handwoven on a large wooden loom and threads of wool are added to create texture to the piece.

The pale pink embellishments are threads of local wool that are dyed with natural pigments of cochineal and Pericon.


Care instructions

Machine wash, gentle cycle only, no bleach, hang to dry. No dryer. Or dry clean. 

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Know more about the process

These unique light blankets are handwoven in Southern Mexico by a family of master artisans, using local unbleached cotton and naturally dyed wool. 

It takes one entire day to make the stunning hand-rolled fringes.


A scale insect that lives on the paddle of the cactus. The females produce carminic acid, which is used in clothing dye, cosmetics and coloring for food. It produces a range of colors – from pink to red and purple – and was the most highly traded commodity in 15th century Mexico, only behind silver. This color was so expensive that it was typically reserved for clothing of royalty and nobility. It fell out of favor when less expensive sythetic dyes were introduced, but has recently seen a resurgence. Our artisans buy their cochineal in the valley here. 


A type of wild Mexican marigold that is also used locally for medicinal treatments. You can make an anise-flavored tea out of it to calm stomach upset, and it can also be used as a substitute for tarragon in cooking. It produces different tones depending if it is used dry or fresh (fresh is more yellow, dried is more green), and on wool produces vibrant gold tones, while on cotton is more the color of a warm beige.