Don Juan's Terrarium

Don Juan's Terrarium

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Origin: Mexico

These  terrariums have been handmade by Don Juan and his wife in Mexico City. I met the couple in 2016 when I randomly passed by their small studio.  After 5 minutes there, I was offered a plate of tacos. That's how it all started...

Don Juan has been making these beautiful geometrical terrariums since the age of 8. He is now in his sixties. He and his wife are very excited to be part of this project!


  • Small 6" x 6" // 20cm x 15xm
  • Medium 10" x 8" // 25cm x 20cm
  • Large 12" x 10" // 30cm x 25cm

Tip: Combine our 3 sizes of terrariums to create your own jungle wall

These are handmade terrariums, you might notice occasional imperfections

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