Kitchen towel Nº1 - copper

Kitchen towel Nº1 - copper


Origin: Pakistan

Technique: traditional block printing onto local cotton Khaddar fabric.

100% cotton // 20" x 20"  - 50cm x 50cm

These kitchen towels have been block-printed by hand in Pakistan. Block printing is a centuries-old art from the Indian subcontinent that utilizes hand-carved wood blocks to print on fabric. It is the oldest way to create printed patterns on fabric.

Can be used as napkins, kitchen towels, placemats or to wrap up your food and go on a picnic day!

Wash genty with cold water. Do not bleach. Do not dry-clean.

Tip: Mix & match our designs and colors to create your own set.

These are handmade and hand printed towels. There might be occasional printing imperfections and a slight variance in the size.

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Care Instructions:

Hand washing recommended

Use gentle soap

Do not bleach

Machine wash on cold & gentle cycle

Gently stretch to shape and iron with hot steam iron

Do not dry clean