Petate Rug

Petate Rug


Petates T’Ho x Behind the Hill

Authentic Mexican petates, handwoven with 100% organic tule palm by artisans in Central Mexico.

We are very proud to partner with Petates T’ho to bring authentic Mexican petates to your homes. These petates rugs were made in the most traditional way, they are thick, resistant and comfortable -they were used as beds in Central America!

Petates look great on any floors, in any rooms and even on the wall as a bedhead.

“Back in the Ancient times, the petate was a very valuable product that traveled long distances in a complex economy network. In the present time, we are so happy to keep the tradition alive and reach further places! Owning a petate is having a piece of our history, our culture and our beautiful land.”

Petates T’Ho

Large 4’25” x 5’25” (130cm x 160cm)

Shipping: We generously offer a $40 flat fee within the US - You can also come and pick up your petate in Brooklyn - For international shipping please contact us

** Petate Rugs are available for preorder - You will receive your in 2-3 weeks. For any express shipping please contact us

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