Earthy Tones for interiors inspired by nature

If you have been following us, you know how nature inspires our collections of textiles.

This is reflected not only in the materials we use, but also in our colour palette. The natural cottons we create our homeware products from are naturally tinted into beautiful light pink, beige and terra cotta shades (no dyes!).

We believe that earthy tones and simple elements of design create an incredibly healthy and versatile interior, inspired by nature.

Behind the Hill Earthy Tones

Our collection of products is inspired by nature with earthy tones, light pink, beige and terra cotta shades

Why we love earthy tones

According to the Italianbark colour trends in 2016 and Decor Magazine in 2018, one of the most popular home design trends is the use of earth tone colors. There is a shift from more grey minimalist pallets to natural tinted, soft and warm colours, and it looks like they are here to stay.

Earthy tones are inspired by nature and usually englobe Sand, Beige, Taupe and Terra Cotta shades.

This is the home of Garance Doré’s in Los Angeles, French photographer, illustrator and New York Times Best Selling author. She is best known for her fashion blog DORÉ: a global destination that values the quiet, embraces the slow, and delights in style and beauty.

Garance's home appeared on the cover of Domino’s Spring 2019 issue. It is a reference for earthy tones, with muted pink, earthy neutrals and terracotta accents and reflected in her entire home’s colour palette, furniture and accessories. We love how earthy tones steal the show with few touches of natural blues and greens, creating a designed yet peaceful home. All of this, combined with the home’s stunning location at the beach, creates a perfect environment to live in, inspired by nature.

“For me, there is a back-to-my-roots kind of thing with the beach,” she says. “It’s grounding to know I am near the water.”

Behind the Hill San Juan pillow


This is our San Juan N.16 pillow. It has been hand woven by Mayan weavers in the small village of San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala. The textile is made from a rare naturally brown cotton (no dyed!) called Ixcaco, and white cotton dyed with natural indigo.

The San Juan N.16 pillow is the perfect touch for an interior inspired by nature with earthy tones.