SHOPPE OBJECT: The curated list of brands we love

This August 10-12 2019, Behind The Hill is one of a few selected brands exhibiting at Shoppe Object in New York City.

Come visit us and discover Harvest 2019! And find here bellow a small selection of the brands participating we love.

The curated list of participating brands we love:

(in random order)


Palorosa is a lifestyle brand founded in 2014 by Cecilia Pirani, Italian – Guatemalan landscape architect. The project rethinks utilitarian objects, by using innovative colors and shapes, designing a series of tote bags, purses and small accessories inspired by distant places for an everyday urban use. Palorosa’s calling comes from Cecilia Pirani’s desire to make architecture and fashion coexist and collaborate, to create products ready to wear and to be used as home accessories as well.

What we love

The recycled plastic they use to make their tote bags and the unique color palette. Also all their materials are sourced locally, and the brand is always on the look for new techniques and natural fibers.

“Attention to details is everything.”


Archive New York is a Brooklyn based home textile collection founded in 2014 by Amira Marion. Growing up in a home full of Guatemalan textiles collected by her parents during trips there in the 1970s, Amira's love for textiles found a natural direction, interpreting Guatemalan traditional motifs and weaving methods for her collection: Archive New York.

Archive NY, starts the design process by hunting down antique & increasingly rare fabric samples, illustrations and photos of beautiful handwoven textiles. Then, it reconnects with the original artisan group associated with each design.

What we love

Their philosophy, which is to honor the integrity of Maya culture & heritage: carefully preserve each original textile, pattern and design to archive Maya artisanal craft techniques while committing to Fair Trade principles.


Floramye’s legacy has roots in the 1920s, when it debuted as a French perfume house. We can imagine our great-grandmothers admiring the art-deco bottles on their vanities, with their striking Lalique and Baccarat designs.

The founders Allison and Sarah resurrected the Floramye brand name and its elegant ethos, infusing it with a modern, sustainable sensibility. Today’s Floramye products are blended with fragrant essential oils and created in small batches, just like their namesake perfume. But they are designed to be functional as well, thanks to the addition of a key wellness ingredient: full-spectrum, organic hemp CBD oil.

What we love

Giving back is important to Allison and Sarah, as their families have struggled with mental health-related issues. To that end, 5% of the profits from Floramye elixirs are donated to mental health non-profits.


Kat Hammil, creative entrepreneur and designer, left the city thirsty for nature and settled roots in the Hudson Valley where Night Space was conceptualized and created with life-long friend and co-founder, Danielle Armstrong.

Night Space honors a day's smallest gestures and life’s biggest events, and is truly a manifestation of the duo’s shared experiences and memories. Together they create scents that make you feel good about your space, and make guests curious to ask questions as soon as they walk in.

What we love

Soft and bold colours with ceramics that are beautiful enough to reuse. Also, all of their candles are made from fine fragrance with100% pure soy wax, cotton wick and hand poured in the USA.


Audrey Weaves is the unique work of Audrey Ducas, an Oregon based fiber artist originally from Provence, France. Audrey received her masters from Paris's esteemed Ensci Design Institute, then relocated to NYC where she spent 10 years working and traveling the globe as the Indiana Jones of Beautiful Things, collaborating with the hidden artisans behind our planet's most striking textiles.

What we love

Her work is inspired by the ancient cultures, skills and traditions she experienced along the way and her lifelong passion for natural environments and landscapes. Her delicate weaving techniques creating - one-of-a-kind - pieces of art.