Travel with Maud -founder of Behind the Hill, and visit our artisans!

NEXT TRIP — Guatemala: Artisans’ workshops Tour

March 14-21, 2020

Indigo dye workshop, Antigua guided tour, visit at Luna Zorro’s studio, visit of artisans’ workshops, visit of a coffee farm, explore the small Maya villages around lake Atitlan, and much more.

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Very wonderful and enlightening trip!

M. Gambrell - Winter 2019

Guatemala: Artisans' workshop tour - Fall 2019

Maud, I cannot say enough how amazing the trip was. It was so well curated and so much fun. All my friends (and teachers) at Parsons are very jealous. Thank you for taking us everywhere.

And I am so happy to have met everyone!

A. DeGeorge - Fall 2017